Mathare Upendo Group Garden

Map Link 1.26247°S,36.86454°E

TYPE: Garden
RESPONSIBLE (S): Mathare Upendo Group*
CONTACT: 0711562226 (Akoi)
FENCE: yes, wood-metal, h: 1m

START: 2008 out of a dump site
SUPPORT/FUNDS: Solidarités, Ministry of agriculture
PRODUCTS: sukuma-wiki, spinach, onions, tomatoes, sugar cane, kinyegi, papaw, avocados, mango, pepper, cabbage, beans, carrots, parsley, potatoes, sweet potato, arrow roots, green peas, maize, pumpkin, terere
CULTIVATION TECHNIQUES: sacks, ground, ground ditch covered with a plastic sheet (use the plastic for keep the water in the ditch in order to allow the cultivation of the arrow roots), green house
SOURCE OF WATER: pipe water
SEEDS SOURCE: ministry of agriculture, self production
SOIL CONDITIONER: fish pond in the ground (use the water enriched in the fertility by the fish ecosystem), compost
SALE: everything is sold also the seeds. They sell inside the garden
FUTURE PLANS: laboratory for the lessons

*They have worked with Solidarités since 2011, now they are in partnership with the Ministry of agriculture.
They train how to cultivate (urban agriculture techniques).


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